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Latest fashion

  • Coarsely Skirt

    - Latex skirt - Handmade in Germany by URB - tight fit   http://shop.urb-clothing.com/product/coarsely-skirt...

  • Petalit Shirt

    Loose Fit - gms 190 jersey - 100% cotton - Round neck   http://shop.urb-clothing.com/product/petalit-shirt...

  • Beryllonit Shirt

    Loose Fit - gms 190 jersey - 100% cotton - Round neck   http://shop.urb-clothing.com/product/beryllonit-shirt...

  • Hidan Sweater

     Loose fit Sweater - 380 gsm fleece - 65% cotton - 35% polyester - round neck http://shop.urb-clothing.com/product/hidan-sweater  ...

  • Tactile Leggins

    THE TACTILE LEGGINGS Tactile Leggings Collection (un) gras(b) {v.} The new second skin with a surface structure and a haptic effect. Not caused by a 3D print but latex....

  • Yuanfen Top

    (un)gras[b]{v.} ss14 collection The beauty of untranslateable words and non-speakable feelings. Yuanfen (n.) A relationship by fate or destiny. (Source: Chinese) Meaning...

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Here is a small collection of papers and articles about URB. If you're interested, check it out. If you find something about us in a magazine or on the internet, please let us know!


Here we wanted to mention our partner of URB. We also want to say thank you to our partners for the good corporation and the support. All of these working really close together with us.

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